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Your purchase and use of delivery or related services are subject to the terms and conditions described on this page, the policies we make available in connection with your account, and the third-party carrier. You agree to these terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox and/or the “Buy delivery services & confirm dispatch live” button presented with these terms and conditions or, if earlier, using any of the services described in these terms and conditions.

Your purchase. You are purchasing delivery and any related services you request (such as liability coverage) from third parties and not from CTTD EPEACE. CTTD EPEACE is not responsible for and will not have any liability regarding services you purchase from third parties.

Charges to Partner account. By purchasing delivery or related services from third parties via your partner account, you agree to pay the fees associated with those services directly to the carrier. We reserve the right to adjust charges after they are initially posted to reflect adjustments by the applicable carrier or other service provider we may limit or disallow services in our discretion.

Compliance with laws. You will comply with all applicable policies, laws, and regulations with respect to delivery and related third party services you purchase.

Third-Party Service Terms apply. You purchase and use of delivery and related services are also subject to the policies, terms, conditions, and other agreements between you and the applicable carrier or other service provider. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with them.

Pani-eBot Support and Services:

About Pani-eBot:

Showcasing to Customer, administer by itself, Handling orders & tracking them, Assisting Admin to gather basic information for account creation or assign licenses to them autonomously

Pani-eBot(Pan India - electronic Bot) is an intelligent auto responsive bot designed to provide personalized and efficient support for all your needs. Such as,

About Pani-eBot:

Instant Assistance:

* Pani-eBot is available 24/7 to provide immediate support and answer your questions in real-time.
* No more waiting for customer service representatives or searching through lengthy FAQs.
* Helps to placing a request to assign the licenses for multiple accounts using Bot Framework, Classic or Generative AI responses with the help of Copilot, Copilot Studio, Office 365 Business Applications. After validation by the approval team, the account gets created with the requested licenses assigned to them.
* It administers itself for placing request to create auth0 accounts, also it assists to get inputs from the customers to assign the licenses for the requested accounts by simply notifying the metadata to the admin team. Later admin team will review and validate the accounts triggered by the autonomous bot before assigning the Okta Auth0 licenses to them.
* It has the capability to search internal SharePoint sites, lists and libraries items, manipulate the documents available from internal organizations sites at its Role-based and User level authorization permissions only.
* It helps end users to search products available in the global market for placing orders from different global regions through the autonomous bots itself, it notifies to inventory about the orders, sending notifying admin, regional manager, area manager, field representative with the invoice details, notifying the tracking details to customers with bills for tracking the orders.
* Pani-eBot is constantly learning and evolving for new set of products from different businesses across the global countries.

1. For Okta Auth0 Products integration:

How to create multiple accounts in Auth0 portal? After admin validation, the user accounts will get created and integrated into the organization tenants to access the applications. Reference URL: watch demo video

2. For Searching Sharepoint Sites, Lists & Libraries inside the organization:

Simply prompt with the site details, list and libraries informations

3. Still we are working on to integrate multiple products to prompt from the Pani-eBot automated responsive bot.